Take a look at the integrity of the Yamaha GT125 2024: All routes are adventures.

Take a look at the perfectness of Yamaha GT125 2024: All routes are adventures.

Yamaha GT125 Model Year 2024
It is one of the motorcycles that can be said to include the perfect and modern technology together.
With a modern design, reasonable price and comes with qualifications that make many people
People must fall in love with this perfect * Yamaha GT125 2024 *
Will take you to a variety of driving experiences and enjoy all the routes that you adventure

Design integrity

* Yamaha * Do not miss to create a distinctive look for the GT125 in the year 2024.
With beautiful and sporty designsWith the charm of the pair of lines in the head to the sharp and eyebrows
Modern LED headlights and roofs that look like a race car
It is a shape that hides the special and modernity perfectly.

Design tips

Design for sharpness and sports, fleshDouble lines in the head, sharp and eyebrows

Important modernity


Not just a beautiful design that makes the Yamaha GT125 2024 a popular.
Modern features imported to this car, making it more important in the motorcycle market.

* The capacity of the big gasoline * and the modern design of the engine makes
Can travel far without worrying about adding more infection during adventure
And this is the point to find a challenge on the path that has no way to sell gasoline.

* ABS brake system *
In this motorcycle, it is one of the modern features and helps to drive safely.
Especially when you encounter a smooth road condition or when you have to brake urgently

Modern features

  1. * The capacity of the big gasoline *
  2. * ABS brake system * for safety

Driving experience at fantasy

Driving with * Yamaha GT125 2024 *
It is like an adventure in the world of fantasy, where every route is the beginning of the fun and adventure.
With a variety of things that you can experience in every driving

* Smart system * convenient and modern, helping
You have started the engine smoothly and not to be annoyed with using the money to buy batteries and related service fees.
In addition, * round seat * and * seats for convenient passengers *
Makes traveling long distances not only driving
But it’s also a fun and warm time with your loved ones.

* The latter light, alert, accelerated, LED * that is clear and clear.
Helps you safer to change channels or change lanes faster.
And allowing the car to be unique out of other places

New experience waiting for you

Bring down to the world of adventures and fun with Yamaha GT125 2024.
That was created for you to know new thingsThat Yamaha presents you
* Tips of Yamaha GT125 2024
Is to combine everything you want in the best motorcycle *

Whether it is a beautiful, fascinating design, modern and safe properties,
Or driving experience that is fun and fun

FAQ – Take a look at Yamaha GT125 2024

1 . * YAMAHA GT125 2024 * What are the most modern features that make it popular?

* Yamaha GT125 2024 * comes with a capacity of the big gasoline, ABS brake system
That helps to drive safeAnd beautiful and modern sports designs

2 . This motorcycle model is suitable for regular use or adventure?

* Yamaha GT125 2024 * Suitable for all conditions.
Whether it is regularly used in nearby travel or adventures in all directions

3 . What qualifications do you have to drive here of Yamaha GT125 2024?

Is it exciting?

System, smart, convenient and modernComfortable seats for passengers
And rear lights. Rushed LED that helps you to be safe to change channels or lanes.


Yamaha GT125 2024 specification

Specification Yamaha GT125 2024 [GT 125] |
— | —
Cooling system | Air cooling
Cylinder volume | 125 cc
Compression ratio | 9.5: 1
Cylinder x distance | 52.4 x 57.9 mm.
Oil distribution system | injector system
Identification system | TC.
Clutch system | Dry clutch, centrifugal type, automatic center escape
Start system | Electric handsAnd start the foot
Driving power system | V-Belt automatic automatic
Fuel capacity | 4.2 liters
Oil capacity | 0.8 liters
oilFuel | lead gasolineOr gasohol E10, E20
Air filter | Oil coating paper
Car frame type |
Front suspension system | Telescopic
Rear suspension system | Swing Unit
Front brake system | Single piston disc brakes
Rear brake system | Drum brake
Wheel | 14 inch alloy wheels
Front tires | 80/80-14 m/C 43P
Rear tires | 100/70-14 m/C 51p

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